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How to make Vermicompost with home and kitchen waste?


Hey Gardeners, This kitchen waste can make your garden more beautiful you just need to know, how to process it for garden use. In so many of my blogs, I use to keep on telling you to add compost in plants And you know what, you can make compost at home by using kitchen waste easily. Even so, many of you have already tried making compost at home But, without knowing a perfect composting process you can get various problems like a bad smell. In this blog, I will tell you in detail about the perfect composting processs without any bad smell. Do read the blog “How to make Vermicompost with home and kitchen waste” completely to know everything in detail.

There are various type of kitchen waste composting setup available in market. But in this blog, I am going to talk about a very basic setup, for which you need not to purchase anything from anywhere and everything is available to you. Just you need is a big terracotta pot Use only terracotta pots for composting If you are using plastic bucket, there will be lots of chances of bad smell & improper composting.

The terracotta pot I am using is of depth 10 inches & diameter is approx 12 inches. You can customize the pot size according to your requirement. Before start filling the pot, do check the drainage hole of the pot. If it is small make it large. So that the raw material inside would not get soggy. Put some pebbles at the drainage hole so as to avoid choking. The first layer will be soil or compost. The thickness of this layer must be approx one inch.

This layer adds beneficial composting micro-organism. Which leads to a faster rate of decomposition. 2nd layer will be dry things like you can use newspaper or else add dried leaves or grass clipping. I prefer using dried leaves in the newspaper. Just told to add newspaper as dried leaves are not easily accessible for everyone. This layer provides a substratum for the growth of microorganism & also keep the mix appropriately moist. This encourages the healthy growth of decomposing microbes by providing them favorable environment. 3rd layer will be of raw moist things like kitchen waste or garden clippings.

For good composting in the pot, you need to keep the height of dry & wet ingredients almost 2-3 inches each. Repeat dry & wet layer for more 3 to 4 times each alternatively, After repeating layers you need to do important work, for fast composting.

That is you need to add a 3 – 4 cm layer of compost or partially decomposed compost If you are composting for the first time then you have to buy a ready-made compost packet. And if you are already composting then add a small portion from your previous composter and make a 3-4 cm layer. After this compost or partially decomposed compost layer add 4 wet & 4 dry layers alternatively like earlier. As the material below the layer keeps decomposing, the volume becomes small and thus, decreases.

So you will keep on getting space for more material. If you are 2 people family, this pot will take one month to get full. Just keep on making layers as mentioned. After 4 layers each of dry & wet material alternatively, do not forget to add compost or partially decomposed compost layer. This layer will fasten the composting process & make it odor-free. Guys, now let me tell you things which you must not add to this pot. Note down from the screen.

Do not add bakery items, as these products contain different types of micro-organism i.e. Yeast Which can hinder the growth of favorable micro-organism in the composter. Keep this composter covered & at any location of your garden. Whenever you want to add material just take off the lid and add. Do not add water & for covering better to use terracotta cover. Finally, this composting unit is full and adds the last layer of raw material. Guys keep on pressing while adding more material.

As I told earlier volume decreases as the material inside gets decomposed. So you will able to add more layers, & get more amount of compost at a time. In winter months, because of more variety of vegetables, your composter will get full quickly. But, the process of composting is a bit slower in the winter month than that of the summer month.

After the last raw material layer, add a bit of water. And finally, add a layer of Compost. This last layer will help you in fast composting, without any smell. What I am doing now is not important, I am doing it just for fun. Now let me tell you the last step. Keep any small tray, above which keep a pot. This is because whenever you will add water to the pot excess water will drain out and make things moist. Guys, after a month compost is ready Composting time completely depends upon the season. In the rainy season and in summer compost get ready quickly. While in winter compost takes a lot of time. On rainy days just 30 days is needed for good composting.

It is great that you are thinking of composting and which is definitely good for the soil and for the plants as well. So, all the best to all who are going to try this soon.

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